Preparing For A Military PCS & Your Real Estate Needs

You’ve got your PCS orders and now you have to start planning. What to do first then second and so on, where do you start. Whether this is your first military pcs or your eighth there are a hundred things to plan and the sooner you get started the better. As an active service member there is plenty of help for you, there are a few things you need to start right away so everything goes smooth. Things like contact your base transportation office and decide if your going to do a DITY move or have the government handle everything for you.

Military PCS

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If you currently own a home you will want to get that ready to list on the market and sell unless your intentions is to rent it out. There are some duty stations out there where service members know that during their military careers they will constantly be having military pcs orders but will be coming back so being an intentional landlord is something to consider, for others this isn’t an option.

If you decide that during this military pcs you should be selling, then you want to make sure you get a real estate agent that understands how to move property fast. Don’t settle for the first person that returns your call, chances are you financed your home with a VA home loan and chances are your buyer will also since your living outside a military base. You will want an agent who truly understands the VA process and utilizes all means of print and technology available to sell your property. There is more to selling a home than some new agent sticking a sign up in your yard with their picture and telephone number.

Next if your planning to purchase a new home you will want to go ahead and start arranging everything by finding a good real estate agent working near your new duty station that is able to work with you afar so they can gather all your information as to what is important to you in a home and what you don’t want to see. This agent can make your Military PCS a pleasant and smooth operation upon arrival by having a complete list of homes to show you that already meet your goals and needs as soon as you set foot on base.

Military PCS: Preparing For Buying & Selling Real Estate With A MRP Certified Agent

Who Is A Personal And Consistent Realtor Handling All Your Needs

*The National Association of Realtor’s Military Relocation Professional certification focuses on educating real estate professionals about working with current and former military service members to find housing solutions that best suit their needs and take full advantage of military benefits and support. (You will find this definition of the MRP certification right on their website)

Instead of picking up the phone book and calling various real estate agents I recommend by calling an agent that has their MRP certification. This person will have complete knowledge of the whole VA benefits package that will allow them to team you up with a qualified real estate agent in you present community to sell your home while at the same time match you up with a qualified real estate agent in the community your military pcs is moving you to.

As someone who has been helping veterans reach home ownership since the year 2000 I trust and recommend Mrs. Brooke Musselman to handle your military pcs real estate needs. Brooke has been certified through the National Association of Realtor’s with her Military Relocation Professional certification and has a strong knowledge of the benefits available to you. Brooke also is a military spouse who understands the stress involved with a military pcs and is the perfect professional to help you make the transition. Brooke also has a great fan page on Facebook that you should check out: Military & Veteran Home Buying.

Military PCS: The Benefits Of Working With Brooke

There are several things to get accomplished concerning your real estate needs when considering your military pcs adventure. First if you currently own a home you want to make sure you get the best representation so you know you will be able to sell your home in a timely fashion, Brooke will arrange this for you so you don’t have to stress over who is best qualified and who to choose.


Military Relocation

Brooke Musselman
Military Relocation Professional
Call or Text 559-900-5445

Next Brooke will take care of matching you with an agent at your new base who will contact you to determine your goals and needs to start the search for your new home. You will be able to communicate with this agent weeks or even a couple of months before arriving so the agent understands what your looking for. You may even consider making a video of your current home and describing what features you like and dislike, this will help in the search for your new home.

For you that want total stress removed from the situation and enjoy being able to accomplish everything from the comfort of your computer and cell phone Brooke can even arrange your VA financing by teaming you up with a Specialist in VA Home Loans. You will be able to do all that from the comfort of your home and have financing ready and complete with an approval letter so you can make an offer on your new home when you arrive at your new duty station.

Working with Brooke will help you get through your military pcs without some of the uncertainties that many military families go through. As an experienced real estate agent who also carries a Military Relocation Professional certification that few have and also being a military spouse with a young child you will be able to relate and voice your concerns to someone who understands what you are preparing for.

Military PCS: Benefits of Buying At Your Next Duty Station

Typically military bases have great real estate markets with steady increases in property value. With the fact the government will be paying you BAH you should take advantage of the fact your building equity for your future with the help of uncle sam. If you were to use your BAH to pay rent then what your doing in a sense is helping your landlord build a nice retirement egg instead of saving for your future.

According to Trulia buying a home is 35% cheaper than renting in all of Americas 100 largest metro areas and if you look at Military Relocation Professionalstatistics you will see that your major military bases should resemble these same stats. When looking at buying versus renting for your military pcs take a moment and think about your investments in your future. Planning ahead will make retirement so much more enjoyable.

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May Your Military PCS Be Stress Free!

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